The cool temperatures and rain have brightened up all of the flowers here. The roses by the hot tub are going wild as are the ones at the entrance to the Inn. The Lady Bankshire roses in our yard seem to like the weather also.

Yes, it is spring. Last year we had two patches of volunteer Bluebonnets sprout up in one of our fields. Never before in our twenty years living here have we seen them on our property. After a winter here in Texas of a combination of cold temperatures and sufficient rains our two patches of flowers have blossomed into four. Come see then before they are gone or you will have to wait until next year when they will have grown two-fold again. Come see us when you can.

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One of the great things about having our Bed & Breakfast is we meet a lot of fellow travelers. We have heard about wonderful adventures from our guests so we thought we might share our adventures for those who are looking for unique off the beaten path vacation experience. We hope you will share your far flung experiences with us. We spent a wonderful 2 weeks on one of the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras. The island of Guanaja (Pronounced gwa-nah-HA’) was unbelievable. We stayed at “Miss Kay’s”, Guanaja Caribbean Cottages, and could not have asked for a better place to stay. She has two Caribbean style cottages right on the beach. You walk down 6 steps and the beach is under your feet. Walk another 25 feet and you are standing on the edge of the Caribbean Sea. The snorkeling was fantastic. The Mesoamerican barrier reef there is the second largest reef in the world next to the Great Barrier reef off the coast of Australia. We were able to view a wide variety of sea life. When we were not snorkeling many a hours were spent in a lounge chair or hammock just looking or reading (Jerry read 4 books while there). We purchased the meal package, as there is really no other place to eat but  you can purchase provisions in Mangrove Bright and cook in the fully equipped kitchen. The food was excellent and plentiful, did I mention 3 times a day?  Laurie and I walked the 20 minutes to the nearby village of  Mangrove Bright (pronounced “Bite”) to check our email since that was the only place to get data communications and WiFi was not available except on Bonacca, known as Low Cay to the locals. This provided a great place to have a beer and visit with the friendly locals. The inhabitants are all descendants from the Cayman Islands and the languages spoken are English and Spanish. There is only one road on the Island, with very few vehicles, and that runs between Mangrove Bright and Savanna Bright. If you want to go anywhere you must either walk along the beach or go by boat. In fact we were greeted by “Miss Kay” at the airport and taken to our 2 week “home” by boat.  We made other pilgrimages all by boat and saw some incredible sights. One morning we were picked up at the pier and spent the day fly fishing. It turned out to be a rainy, cold day but fun was had by all. We hiked to a waterfall and just hung out in the cool spring water cascading over the rocks. Along our beach route we visited a local bar over the water, that they opened just for us, and had the best Margarita we have ever had and watched the sun set into the Caribbean Sea. Our hostess needed to go for supplies and we rode with her by boat to Bonacca. We visited a small local grocery/hardware store and besides having a soda, where Jerry purchased a souvenir Guanaja hat to add to his collection. We also visited the Pharmacy/Doctors office for itch cream for the sand flies, also known as “No see ums”. Just before we left the locals advised us that the best remedy for them is baby oil. The oil keeps them from biting as they cannot get to you through the oil with their little bitty stingers. There were days when it rained all day but that was alright. Those were reading and napping times. All things considered we had a wonderful stay on Guanaja and at Miss Kay’s Guanaja Caribbean Cottages and we are already making plans for going back as soon as we can. Just a foot note; pack light, all you need for two weeks are t-shirts, a bathing suit, sun screen, baby oil and of course snorkel gear. Have a great stay.

We have had our last freeze!! I Promise!! I have found little baby bluebonnets sticking their heads up. It’s time to start planning your spring wildflower tours!! You can also go to the local vineyards and have a glass of wine.

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Laurie and Jerry were taking pictures of the Inn for the WEB. (I really don’t get their attraction on spiders). Anyway, I found it exhausting trying to get just the right pose. I just hate to see them ruin a picture by not having me in it. Just when I thought I had perfected the “on your head upside down look”, they put up the camera! I was devastated. I quickly rolled in granite gravel so that when the sun hit my yellow fur it sparkled like little stars. This caught their attention and out came the camera! They smiled and hugged me and I even got an extra helping of dinner for saving their photo shoot.